Sonja Maibach

When I was twelve years old I told my father it was me or the heroin. I had just set my first boundary. Although it was unclear to me at the time, in that moment my career in the helping profession began. My experience with my father’s drug abuse, and the impact it had on my family in the decade that followed, drove me to break my silence surrounding addiction in the hopes of helping other suffering families. As a result, I’ve spent the past five years engaged with one of the nations leading residential treatment centers where I’ve been able to work closely with families just like my own and children just like me. Today I am able to share a message of hope with all those still suffering and offer a way out.




  • Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Victoria
  • Registered Social Worker with the BCCSW and BCASW
  • Trained Interventionist
  • 5+ years experience in a residential addictions treatment facility
  • 5+ years experience working with families and youth
  • Crisis counselling and suicide prevention experience

what we do

When addiction is present in the family, loved ones find themselves feeling afraid, alone and unsure of their decisions. The below services are designed to provide peace of mind by creating a partnership that allows you to feel confident in the decisions being made about the health and wellness of you and your family. These services can work in conjunction with one another or independently, and each service is tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.


Do you need help talking to your kids about addiction in the home? Or maybe addressing your partner or child’s using? 60-minute counselling sessions can be arranged for teens, adults, and couples looking to better understand their own addictive behaviours or the addictive behaviours of someone they love.


Invitational Intervention consists of three gradually escalating levels, as needed, to achieve treatment engagement for the person-of-concern. Unlike traditional intervention methods, your loved one is invited to participate in every stage of this process. Its success in achieving long-term recovery lies in its dual focus on treatment entry and completion as well as family healing and education to support the recovery process.

Family Care

Family Care is designed to help family members better understand the disease of addiction and some of the issues that can arise for themselves and their loved ones in early recovery. This work focuses on treatment support, relapse prevention, early recovery issues, family psycho-education, and establishing mental, physical, spiritual, financial, social, career, and lifestyle changes for the person-of-concern that will be conducive to his or her long-term recovery. It also facilitates family healing and communication, which are all key predictors of long-term recovery for loved ones.


All services are flexible and can be facilitated locally, nationally, and internationally.

our approach

Invitational Intervention is an evidence-based, best practice approach to helping resistant loved ones enter and successfully complete treatment. This technique is different from traditional methods in that it uses a non-confrontational and transparent approach specifically designed to respond to the love, fear, worry, and guilt of those living with an addicted loved one. This process consists of three gradually escalating levels, as needed, to achieve treatment engagement. Unlike traditional methods, your loved one is invited to participate in each stage of the process, but treatment for the family can move forward with or without the participation of the person-of-concern.


The foundations of Invitational Intervention are based on Transitional Family Therapy which recognizes that, at their core, families are inherently healthy, competent, and resilient. I believe that, if guided in the right direction, families are actually more powerful in affecting change than are treating professionals! And, with the guidance of Family Care, and its focus on long-term healing and recovery for the entire family, life after addiction is absolutely possible!

Why It Works

  • Removes blame, shame, and guilt from any one person.
  • Inclusion reduces hostility and increases participation and engagement.
  • Removes isolation and secrecy – no more divide and conquer!
  • Family healing and addiction education supports the recovery process.

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